Birth doula Services

$1100 | Package

  • Complementary pre-hire meeting to get to know each other

  • Unlimited communication during pregnancy

  • Health and wellness education and tips

  • Assistance with birth plan creation

  • Unlimited access to other support and resources within the community

  • One group-style prenatal meeting to review labor stages and logistics

  • One individual prenatal meeting to review specific birth plan and answer questions

  • 10% discount on any childbirth education options through A Brighter Birth

  • Practice positions and relaxation techniques

  • On-call for you 24/7 for 2 weeks before and after your due date

  • Highly experienced back-up doulas available

  • Consistent phone contact with you during early labor, joining you when you decide, meeting at your home, the hospital or birth center depending on your preference

  • Physical comfort, emotional support, and information to assist you in decision making the length of your labor

  • Help for your partner, or any other support people, offering suggestions, information, assistance and reassurance

  • Encourage you to use your voice to ask questions and always remind you of your unique birth goals

  • Remain with you for at least one to two hours postpartum to assist with initiating breastfeeding and address other postpartum questions and needs

  • A postpartum visit to process your birth and help with newborn care at your home after you've settled in

  • My friendship and support through all of your parenting years

Birth Consultation

$50 | 90 mins

Not even sure where to start? You’re not alone! Start with a birth consultation.

I would love to meet with you and start the conversation around what your individual birth goals are. Let’s talk about how we can set you up in the most successful way. Who is your care provider and are you comfortable with the level of care you’re receiving? Where are you planning to deliver? Does that facility have all of the resources you might need during your labor and delivery? What does your birth team look like? Is a doula right for you and what does doula support look like anyway? What childbirth education courses are you taking? Hospital tour? What books should you be reading, or not reading? What other local resources might you need during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Let me share my local experience and network of specialists with you. We’ll start by answering these questions and boost your confidence going in, I want you to love your birth!

If it turns out a doula is right for you and you’d like me to support you I’ll apply your consult fee to my Birth Doula Services Package!

Lactation Support


As a Certified Lactation Counselor through ALPP I am happy to offer lactation counseling support to anyone needing additional breastfeeding help. I can help address many common breastfeeding issues including: latch, positions, pumping advice, the schedule, supply issues, clogged ducts, blebs, let down concerns, fussy at the breast babies and more. I am happy to come to you at home, we can meet in my office, or I can come to you at the hospital. Let’s do an in person assessment and come up with an achievable game plan that feels right for you.

Let's make your breastfeeding journey successful! 


Childbirth Education

As a childbirth educator I always strongly recommend all first time parents and VBAC candidates take a thorough childbirth education course. I am happy to suggest my clients enroll in any of the exceptional courses we provide through A Brighter Birth. We offer a 4-week series Childbirth Ed option, a 1-day Wham-Bam workshop option, a 1-day private Childbirth Ed course, a Breastfeeding Workshop, and a New Baby Care/4th Trimester course.

Any clients of The Mindful Birth will receive 10% off any courses taken through A Brighter Birth.